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2017 - Vol. 3, No.1,

Structural and Characterization of Zinc Sulfide Thin film depoisted by Dip and Spin Coating method

M..Balachander, M. Saroja, M.Venkatalachalam, V. Kumar, & S. Shankar


Synthesis and Characterization of ZnS, MZS and CZS films prepared by Sol-Gel Spin Coating method

V.Kumar, M.Saroja, M.Venkatachalam, M.Balachander, S.Shankar


Thin Film Perovskite Active Layer Formation And Its Stability Analysis

N. Manjubaashini, T. Daniel Thangadurai and D. Nataraj


Corrosion Inhibition by Self-assembling Nano films of Tween 60 on Mild steel surface

V.R.Nazeera Banu, S.Rajendran, S.S.Syed Abuthahir


Electronic Structures and Optical Properties of TiO2 DSSC Investigated by Computer Simulation

T. Ranganayaki, M. Venkatachalam, T .Vasuki, S. Shankar


Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye using ZnO thin films

S.Shankar,  M.Saroja,  M.Venkatachalam, G.Parthasarathy


Red light emission and antimicrobial activities of Mn Doped ZnS Nanophosphor

N.Suganthi And K.Pushpanathan