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Carbon steel corrosion inhibition by combined effect of L- Methionine and ZnSO4 in aqueous solution: Electrochemical, FTIR, and Statistical study

V.Prathipa, A.Sahaya Raja


The corrosion and inhibition behaviors of carbon steel in the presence of L-Methionine and ZnSO4 have been studied using gravimetric method and electrochemical techniques. Results obtained by various techniques are close to each other and maximum Inhibition efficiency is 93%. Synergistic parameters and Statistical study of “F” test suggest that a synergistic effect exists between L-Methionine and Zn2+. The protective film on the metal surface has been analyzed by FT – IR spectra. A suitable mechanism of corrosion inhibition is proposed based on the results obtained from weight loss study, electrochemical study and surface analysis technique. The inhibitor L-Methionine -Zn2+ system may find application in cooling water system. Keywords: Carbon steel, L-Methionine, ZnSO4, synergistic effect, F-Test, FT-IR spectra.

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