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Sun Protection Factor Activity of Unregistered Facial Cream in Makassar City

Muammar Fawwaz, Ahmad Saleh, Miming Indriani Makalalag


Sunscreen products are cosmetic preparation used for the purpose of effectively absorb sunlight especially in the area of ultraviolet (UV) wavelength so as preventing the occurrence of skin disorders caused by sunlight. This study aimed to determine the value of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on unregistered face cream circulating in Makassar, because of the cream products in circulation in the name of anti-ultraviolet radiation. The sample was selected randomly to represent areas in Makassar. The method used to establish the SPF values refer to Mansur equation. Absorption spectrum of the sample obtained using UV-Vis Spectrophotometer instrument by using 96% ethanol as a blank. Absorption recorded at intervals of 5 nm wavelength of 290-320 nm. Spectrophotometer is used as a method for its ability to emit UV radiation which will then be absorbed by the sample, which can be detected abilities as UV protection The results showed that all three samples had activity of UV protection with SPF values of samples A, B and C respectively 23.92 (medium), 28.75 (medium), 36.28 (high). Concern to the next is what compounds contained in the cream so as to give effect as UV protection.

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