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Development and Validation of New UV- Spectroscopic Method for Water Soluble Folic Acid

Sandip S. Kshirsagar, Sachin M. Bhalekar, Dipali K. Gopale, Shirishkumar D. Ambavade


In the present work, six simple and sensitive spectrophotometric have been developed for the quantitative determination of folic acid. Method A is a UV spectrophotometric method in which Folic acid was dissolved in Water and exhibited absorption maximum at 281 nm and obeyed Beer’s law in the concentration range of 2-10?g/ml. Method B is the first order derivative spectroscopy method adopted to eliminate spectral interference, in which derivative amplitude was measured at 281 nm with n=1. The proposed methods are economical, simple, sensitive and accurate for quantitative determination of folic acid in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations. Key words: folic acid; First order derivative; Area under curve.

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