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Prediction of Antihypertensive Activity of Substituted Piperidines as Highly Potent Renin Inhibitors Due to induced Fit Adaptation of the Active Fit Site

Shailja Sachan, Amitabh Tripathi, Pradeep Chandra Shukla


We have studied a series of substituted Piperidines for predicting their Antihypertensive Activity of Renin inhibition on QSAR models.We have chosen certain descriptors viz. ZM1, Pol, MSD, CSI, X0, J_A,Wi_D, Wi_H2 and Hy in our study and found that molecular descriptors Hydrophilic factor, Eccentric Connectivity index, zero order connectivity index and Wiener-like index from topological distance matrix are very closely related with antihypertensive activity of these compounds. Keywords: Antihypertensive, Piperidines, Renin Inhibitors, QSAR Study.

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