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Structural and Vibrational Studies on Co2+ Doped SnO2Thin Films

K. Ravindranadh, S. Shantkriti, M. Ramakrishna Nanchara Rao, G. Nagarjuna, Y. Hanumantha Rao and M.C. Rao


Tin Oxide (SnO2) thin film is one of the important transparent conducting oxides and applied in various fields such as in solar cells, optoelectronic devices, heat mirror, gas sensors, etc due to its electrical and optical transparency in visible light spectrum. Co2+ doped tin oxide thin films were prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis synthesis and characterized by different spectroscopic techniques. Powder XRD data revealed that the crystal structure belongs to tetragonal rutile phase and its lattice cell parameters, average crystallite size were evaluated. The morphologies of prepared sample were analyzed by using SEM and TEM studies. Vibrational bands of the prepared sample were observed in the FT-IR spectrum. Keywords: Co-SnO2, Thin films, Spray pyrolysis, Scanning electron microscope, Transmission electron microscope and FT-IR.

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