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Impact of Human Activity on Weather Climate of Ibrahimpatnam Mandal and Kondapalli Industrial Area of Krishna District - A Case Study

T. Srikumar, P.Srinivas, P. Partha Koundinya and M.C.Rao


This paper is aimed at the study of the impact of human activities on air, water, soil and weather in Ibrahimpatnam mandal and Kondapalli industrial area of Krishna District. These were studied through simple experimental techniques like soil, water test, weather monitoring stations [WMS] and survey. The data was collected and analyzed by means of statistical tools. The observations were found to be alarming in Ibrahimpatnam and Kondapalli. The cloud albedo effect and the indirect effect are being increased due to the increase of aerosols. The Kondapalli toy makers are facing a shortage of the soft wood (Tellaponiki). The extinction of aquatic species is due to the temperature difference in the outlet of water released by the industries in to Krishna River. Ibrahimpatnam is becoming heat island and impacts of human activities are making it vulnerable. We suggest few solutions to improve the weather conditions and in turn for a better climate. Keywords: Impact, Survey, Aerosols, Cloud Albedo Effect, Indirect Effect, Vulnerable and WMS.

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