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Study on Corrosion Inhibitor in Mild Steel by Various Habitual Plant Extract – Review

K.Ramya, N.Muralimohan


The inhibitor potentials of discrete plant extract was exploration by studying the corrosion behaviour of mild steel immersed in 2 M H2SO4 solution containing varied concentration of plant extract. Inhibitor efficiency of acid extract of plant such as musa sapientium peel, Emblica officinalist leaves and Azadirachta indica leaves as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel. The corrosion inhibition of the extract was criticized by using weight loss method, gasometric method, thermometric method and surface analysis studies . The inhibitor efficiency increased with increase in inhibitor concentration and decreased with temperature suggesting the occurrence of physical absorption and the highest % IE was obtained. As a result of literary work about performance was reviewed to identify the factor affecting the performance of corrosion inhibitor.Inhibitor efficiency of the extract is found to vary with concentration , temperature , period of immersion and pH.Value of active energy of the inhibited corrosion reaction of mild steel are greater than the value obtained for the blank solution.The mild steel surface in the absence and presence of the inhibitor was analysed by scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and the protective film have been analysed by Atomic force microscopic (AFM). Keywords: Mild Steel, Adsorption, Natural Inhibitor, Musa Sapientium Peel, Emblica Officinalist Leaves And Azadirachta Indica.

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