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Crystal structure analysis of dichloridobis(2-Isopropylimidazole)Zinc(II)

Prabu, K. Rajkumar, AntoniSamy Clara, K. Anbalagan, A. SubbiahPandi


The Crystal structure of dichloridobis(2-Isopropylimidazole)Zinc(II)[Zn(2-Isopropylimdazole)2Cl2]. The structure of title compound, [C12H20Cl2N4Zn], Consists of centrosymmetric monomeric units, in which the ZnII atom has a tetragonallydistorded coordination involving two imidazole N atoms and two Cl atoms in the square plane [ Zn-N = 1.998(1)Å and Zn-Cl = 2.2541(7)Å. The angles Cl-Zn-Cl and N-Zn-N are 110.34(4)° and 116.07(12)°, respectively. In the crystal there are no classical hydrogen bonds present.Crystal data were collected using CrysAlis CCD Oxford DiffractionX-ray diffractometer. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined on F2 by full-matrix least-squares procedures to the final R1 of 0.0370usingSHELXL programs. Key Words:Imidazole, Zinc(II) and crystal structure.

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