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Structural and Characterization of Zinc Sulfide Thin film depoisted by Dip and Spin Coating method

M..Balachander, M. Saroja, M.Venkatalachalam, V. Kumar, & S. Shankar


A comparative study was carried out of Zns thin films deposited from sol – gel containing Zinc Nitrate, Thiourea and Isoproponal. Zns films prepared by Dip coating and spin coating method. Zns is an environmentally friendly material with wide band gap(Eg = 3.7 eV) compared to Cds(2.4eV), which is conventionally used as buffer layer in chalcopyrite based solar cell. The crystal structure, orientation and surface morphology were investigated by X-Ray diffractometer (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). XRD pattern reveals the hexagonal structure of ZnS thin films. Optical properties were studied using UV-visible spectroscopy. The film shows good optical properties with high absorption and energy band gap value. These prepared films can be used for solar cell applications. Keywords : Zinc Sulfide thin films; Dip Coating Method; Spin Coating Method; structual and optical properties.

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