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Synthesis and Characterization of ZnS, MZS and CZS films prepared by Sol-Gel Spin Coating method

V.Kumar, M.Saroja, M.Venkatachalam, M.Balachander, S.Shankar


The spin coating method was used for the preparation of ZnS, Mn doped ZnS (MZS) and Cobalt doped ZnS (CZS) thin films and their structural and optical properties were studied. The ZnS thin films were grown on well cleaned glass substrates by spin coating method from aqueous solution of Zinc Sulphide and Thiourea with two different dopants Mn and Co. The properties of ZnS, MZS and CZS thin films and their growth mechanisms were studied using x-ray diffraction, UV-Visible spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurements. Effect of dopants on structural and optical properties was reported. Keywords: ZnS, Spin Coating, Dopants, Structural and Optical properties.

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