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Thin Film Perovskite Active Layer Formation And Its Stability Analysis

N. Manjubaashini, T. Daniel Thangadurai and D. Nataraj


The photovoltaic performance is mainly based on high spectrum absorption due to narrow band gap and balanced charge transport properties with long diffusion lengths. To improve the perovskite layer performance and to maintain long term stability. The following parameters are to be concentrated: (i) crystal lattice determination, (ii) formation of perovskite layer, (iii) pretending the structure of perovskite coated films, (iv) high efficient photon harvesting and (v) reduced recombination process. To obtain a pure perovskite structure (AMX3)by hybrid materials is a challenging one due to the possibilities of crystal plane overlapping, determination of crystal plane and crystal structure for integrated materials. The proposed work will be describing the new perovskite materialPhenylammonium Strontium Chloride (PASrCl3)and Methyl ammonium chloride (MASrCl3) formation with stable and reduced band gap. Structural determination was done by X-ray diffraction (XRD), and FESEM characterizations. Keywords: Perovskite, Phenylammonium, Methylammonium, Recombination, Solar simulator

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