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Corrosion Inhibition by Self-assembling Nano films of Tween 60 on Mild steel surface

V.R.Nazeera Banu, S.Rajendran, S.S.Syed Abuthahir


The surface of mild steel was modified by the formation of Tween 60 Self-assembling nano films to increase the corrosion inhibition ability. Formation of Self-assembled nano films takes place when mild steel is immersed in well water in presence of 200 ppm of Tween 60 and 50 ppm of Zn2+ for one day, shows 88 % corrosion inhibition efficiency. The modified surface was characterized by polarization, cyclic voltammetry, FT-IR spectroscopy, SEM and EDS micrographs. Atomic Force Microscopy confirmed the formation of lesser amounts of corrosion products on the Self-assembling nano film protected surface. The nano film is found to be hydrophobic in nature. This is confirmed by contact angle measurement. KeywordsTween 60, Polarization, SEM, AFM, Contact angle measurement

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