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Red light emission and antimicrobial activities of Mn Doped ZnS Nanophosphor

N.Suganthi And K.Pushpanathan


In this work Zn1–x MnxS (x =0, 0.02, 0.05) nanoparticles were prepared by precipitation method at room temperature. The cubic structure of the sample was identified from the X-ray powder diffraction patterns and the average crystallite size is decreases on Manganese doping as compared to undoped ZnSwhich is confirmed by field emission scanning electron microscope. Photoluminescence spectrum infers that the increase in Mn concentration leads to increase in redemission. In addition, the detailed study of both (gram positive, gram negative) bacteria andantifungal activity of the prepared nanoparticles were tested for its efficiency. Keywords : ZnSnanoparticles, Crystal structure, microstructure, Photoluminescence, antimicrobial activity

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