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Some Physico-Chemical Analysis of Soil and Water of Keezhathottam Mangrove, Tamil Nadu, India

G.K. Ayyadurai, V. Ramamurthy,  B.Thanuja


Mangroves the uniquely saltadapted trees and shrubs that line our tropical and subtropical coasts, the critical membrane between land and sea are disappearing at faster rates than virtually any other ecosystem on Earth. The present survey has been made to know the some physico-chemical parameters in the water and soil of Keezhathottam mangroves during the year 2013-2014 at four-seasonal intervals. The water was slightly alkaline and contained high amounts of pH. The concentration of salinity, total, inorganic and organic phosphate, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate were fairly stable. Other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, chloride, and bicarbonate concentration showed remarkable variations. The mangrove soil was clay in all the seasons. pH and Organic matter level were very low during monsoon and high in summer. The chemical properties of the soils varied considerably among samples particularly in nutrient and iron level. The total amount of N, P, K, Na, Ca and Mg were maximum in the monsoon and minimum in summer season. The micronutrients such as zinc, copper, iron and manganese also present in moderate level in all the season. Key words: Water analysis, Soil analysis, Keezhathottam mangroves,pH,temperature

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