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The Unsteady Micropolar Fluid Flow Past A Sliced Sphere

Basuki Widodo and Rita Ayu Ningtyas


Abstract : We consider unsteady micropolar fluid flow pasta sliced sphere. We further develop dimensional governing equations. These equations are obtained from conservation of mass and conservation of momentum equations. We further convert the dimensional governing equations into non-dimensional equations by using non-dimensional variables. Further, the non-dimensional equations are reduced to become non-linear differential equation. The non-linear differential equations are solved by using finite difference method with Keller-box scheme. Numerical results show that the characteristic of unsteady micro-polar fluid on boundary layer flow past a sliced sphere for the velocity profile increases in strong and weak concentrations. When a sliced angle value increases then the velocity profile will increase. The micro-rotation profile increases in strong concentration. However, when the sliced angle increases then the micro-rotation profile will decrease. The micro-rotation profile decreases in weak concentrations. However, then the micro-rotation profile will increase when the sliced angle increases. Keywords: boundary layer, Keller-Box, unsteady micro polar fluid

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