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Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Mangifera Indica (Mango Leaves) and Their Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Studies

S. Ramabadran,  J. Pirathiba


The field of nanotechnology is the most active area of research in modern material science. Though there are many chemical as well as physical methods, green synthesis of nanomaterials is the most emerging method of synthesis. In the present work AgNPS were synthesised using the plant leaf extract (Mango Leaves) and their Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties are studied. The synthesized nanocrystals were characterized using UV-VISIBLE SPECTROSCOPY, XRD, FTIR SPECTROSCOPY and SEM. This environmental friendly method provides simple, easy and cost effective faster synthesis of nanoparticles and can be used in medicines. Key words: Nanoparticles, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant

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