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2-Chloro-2'-hydroxy-4'-chloro-5'-methoxychalcone Oxime [CHCMCO] as an Analytical Reagent: Studies on Cu (II) Chelate

Jayshree B Rana, Nilesh G. Limbachiya


The ligand 2-Chloro- 2'-hydroxy-4'-chloro-5’methylchalcone oxime (CHCMCO) was developed as a new analytical reagent for the gravimetric and spectrophotometric analysis of Cu (II) ion. In the pH range of 6.0 to 6.5, this reagent gives buff colored complex with Cu (II). Job's method of continuous variation and Yoe and Jone's mole ratio method revealed the stoichiometry of the complex to be 1:2 [M: L]. The obeyance of Beer's law was studied, the molar absorptivity was found to be 1.07x102lit.mol-1cm-1. The reagent and its complex have been characterized by elemental analysis and IR spectra. The magnetic susceptibility measurement (4 ampere and 298o K ) of the chelate reveals the paramagnetic nature of the complex. Key words:Analytical reagent, Cu (II) chelate, 2-Chloro- 2'-hydroxy-4'-chloro-5’methylchalcone oxime (CHCMCO)

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