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Experimental Analysis on Recycled Plastic Reinforced Concrete

R.Vanitha, A.K.Priya,  P.M.Priyanka, M.Rajeswari, M.Nithya


Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is a composite material consisting of cement based matrix with an ordered or random distribution of synthetic plastic polymer. Dumping of the waste plastics is one of the major ecological crisis. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC's) is the synthetic plastic polymer and comparatively low cost, biological and chemical resistance and workability have resulted in it being used for an extensive range of applications. It is used for sewerage pipes and other pipe applications somewhere cost or susceptibility to corrosion confines the exploit of metal. To evade this toxic waste disaster, many new products are being produced from waste and used plastics. Due to lack in construction materials the Indian construction industry is facing several troubles. In order to arrest the cracks and to improve the properties of concrete, small, closely spaced and uniformly dispersed recycled plastic were used with concrete. In this research work PVC is used in concrete with various propositions (1% to 4%) and cubes, cylinders and prisms were casted for analyzing its compressive, flexural and split tensile strength of the concrete to solve the deficiency of construction material usage and plastic disposal problem. The research investigations were carried out on a M30 mix and tests have been carried out as per suggested procedures of applicable codes. Increase in curing period shows in improving the compressive strength of concrete. The outcome of this research gave the optional way for utilizing used plastic material as a effective construction material. Also harmful plastic material becomes eco friendly material for construction purpose. Keywords: Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Recycled Plastics, Polyvinyl Chloride and Ecological Crisis.

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