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Stability Constants of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Transition Metal(II) ions with2-{(E)-[(4-bromo-2-methylphenyl)imino]methyl}phenoland1-[(E)-(4-bromonaphthalen-1-ylimino)methyl]naphthalen-2-ol.

Santosh B Katariya


Binary and ternary complexes of the type M-Y and M-X-Y [M = Cu(II) , Ni(II) ,Co(II) , Zn(II); X = 2-{(E)-[(4-bromo-2-methylphenyl)imino]methyl}phenol and Y =1-[(E)-( 4-bromonaphthalen-1-ylimino)methyl]naphthalen-2-ol]have been examined pH-metrically at27 ± 0.5oC and at constant ionic strength, ? = 0.1M (KCl) in 75 : 25 (v/v) 1,4-dioxne-water medium. The stability constants for Binary (M-Y) and ternary (M-X-Y) systems were calculated. Keywords:Binary complexes, Ternary complexes, Mixed ligand, Stability constant. Abstract: Single crystals of4-((2(2-bromophenoxy)phenyl)ethynyl)-N,N-diethylanilinewere grown by slow evaporation method and X-ray diffraction analysis reveals monoclinic P21/c space groupwith unit cell dimensions of a = 9.0761 (9) Å, b= 7.5220(7) Å, c= 30.468 (3) Å and ?= 97.921(3)o.Crystal data were collected using BRUKER SMART APEX II CCDX-ray diffractometer. The structure was solved by direct method and refined on F2 by full-matrixleast-squares procedure to the final R1 of 0.051 using SHELXL programs. Key Words:Bromophenoxy,N,N-diethylaniline,Crystal packingand crystal structure.

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